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I was born and educated in Larissa Greece. After graduating from the 2nd high school in 1981, I studied in the Medical school of Thessaloniki Aristotle University (AUTH)
During my studies I was a member of the students’ board of the Students’ Group of Voluntary Blood Donation, as well as one of the establishing members of the Donors of Human Body Organs Society (EDOSA). As a member of the administrative board for many years I participated in lectures and the organization of various events for the propagation of the Society’s ideas in Macedonia and Central Greece.
In 1988 I graduated from the medical school. Probably due to stress during my graduation period I developed the first signs of MS. My diagnosis was set in September1988. but as I recalled later, I surely had Lhermitt sings in 1982 just for one day. Later a probable episode of optic neuritis which lasted for hours. The day after the problem I was OK. The problems in my health became annoying during my graduation exams. I worked as a doctor at 424 General Military Hospital of Thessaloniki till 1991. Due to my health condition I was bound to a wheelchair in 1992 and started writing novels.

  • The following books of mine were published:
  • The first time again and again, 1994 first edition, 1997 second edition.
  • With someone else’s breath, 1997.
  • Me tut magav, 2001.
  • In the other zone, 2006.
  • When times are over, 2008.

My first appearance in literature was through one –collective now- edition of high school years under the title “Efforts” 1981
Also I wrote in several magazines and newspapers.
Now I live in Larissa.